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Easy CUDA integration

GPU CuPP is a newly-developed C++ framework designed to ease integration of NVIDIA's GPGPU system CUDA into existing C++ applications [1].

"CuPP provides interfaces to reoccurring tasks that are easier to use than the standard CUDA interfaces. In this paper we concentrate on memory management and related data structures. CuPP offers both a low level interface - mostly consisting of smartpointers and memory allocation functions for GPU memory - and a high level interface offering a C++ STL vector wrapper and the so-called type transformations. The wrapper can be used by both device and host to automaticaly keep data in sync. The type transformations allow developers to write their own data structures offering the same functionality as the CuPP vector, in case a vector does not conform to the need of the application."

[1] J.Breitbart, "CuPP - A framework for easy CUDA integration", HiPS 2009 workshop with IPDPS 2009, Rome Italy, May 2009. To find out more, follow this link.