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Financial Services Organisations

Where are the world's research groups working on innovative new technology related to Financial Computing?   Where are the offices of the world's main financial services and technology organisations?  Use the above links to display the relevant map to find out. The maps will be updated frequently, and members may send in requests for locations of their organisations and contact information to be added.

This map displays the locations of the world's leading financial services organisations.

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Goldman Sachs (London - Christchurch Court)Find on map
Credit Suisse (London)Find on map
Bank of America / Merrill Lynch (London)Find on map
Morgan Stanley (London)Find on map
Deutsche Bank (London)Find on map
Barclays Capital (London)Find on map
Orbis Funds (London)Find on map
JP Morgan (London)Find on map
UBS (London)Find on map
RBS (London)Find on map
London Stock ExchangeFind on map
Credit Suisse (Hong Kong)Find on map