Financial Services maps
BigEarth Financial Services organisations need to maintain technology differentiation from their competitors - to keep ahead of the game; to streamline operations and reduce operational risk; to exploit the very best science to model and create new products, to accurately assess  complex risk, to model and forecast markets to spot either exploitable inefficiencies or extreme situations.

To get ahead (and keep ahead) of the game, it's necessary not only to have an in-depth knowledge of the global marketplace of technology vendors and solutions providers and their products, but also increasingly to engage with the world's leading scientists - to see what technology is just around the corner, and to help influence that future technology.

Which scientists are working in the area of Financial Computing? Who's work should you look out for? Who's local and who's not? With which groups might it be worthwhile to consider collaborating?

We maintain maps of research groups, technology companies, and financial services organisations. The locations are public, but the descriptions are for members only. If you're a member and your company doesn't appear, just send us an email with a description and your office address(es). We will also add non-member locations if we think they're of interest.