Science publications
BigEarth Want to know what's going on in the world's research labs? Prefer to search covertly before approaching a research group with a view to collaboration? Or perhaps you just want to pick up some new ideas that are in the public domain and you could turn into product? Then try browsing Res Novae's electronic library.

We provide all the reference details you need to find the full version. These details will include authors, title, publisher, date, and (where available) the paper abstract.

Your in-house research team can get full value from interacting with the bibliography using the following features:

  • upload of BibTeX files (to add to the library, for your use and for the benefit of other members)
  • browse, search and filter (either the whole library, or just those items you have previously uploaded)
  • view summary or full details
  • download the results of a search as a BibTeX file
In future, we also hope to use the bibliography to drive many other useful resources (such as the ten authors who appear most often in the bibliography, the ten research groups which appear most often, and so on).