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About Res Novae

Vision and Mission

Res Novae is a not-for-profit organisation that brings together financial services firms, research scientists and technology/solution vendors.

We facilitate industry-led development of innovative solutions to key sector problems; applying immediate science and technology results where they exist; encouraging the world's top research teams to tackle sector-relevant long-term scientific challenges; and engaging technology/solution vendors to help turn research results into usable products and processes.


Res Novae offers a range of resources to assist stakeholders in identifying challenges, potential routes to a solution, and potential partners. For example, an online research bibliography that can be extended by members, and interactive maps to identify research teams, financial services organisations and technology vendors.

These resources will grow in response to demand from our members, but may include for example: events and follow-through, research data, white papers, and research directory services.

Careers and Skills

Res Novae offers a range of additional services to assist career planning, graduate recruitment, skills assessment and skills development; all targeted at financial services science and technology.

Technology Innovation

Res Novae offers bespoke technology innovation services. This may include: review of the business problem, review of existing and upcoming technology; interviews with technology vendors and scientists; a review of the research literature; identification of relevant areas of science and technology; identification of the relevant leading scientists and vendors / solution providers; identification of possible sources of government assistance; and a final scoping report with suggested routes forward.